Friday, October 16, 2009


What does it mean to be in this place?
We journey through time
We occupy space
How can we make a difference here?
So much to be done
So little to spare
Who among us will offer to lead?
Many turns to take
Many signs to heed
Where will we stay in this foreign land?
No place to call home
No welcoming hand
Why do we wonder away our youth?
Unanswered questions
Unqualified truth
He is the meaning found in this place
A moment in time
A look to His face

By Yvette Massey


Anonymous said...

so good to read a poem from you again, my friend.


Mike said...

Great poem.

You say "He is the meaning". Amen.

Laura said...

I love how this pulls me in. These are my favorite:

A moment in time
A look to His face

Ahhhhhh, now that feels good. :)

Honorary Indian said...

I've missed you and your way with words. :-)

Kilauea Poetry said...

I just noticed this..very sharp Yvette. I do hope your doing great! All my blessings-

Tammy said...

I really love this poem. It speaks volumes and I love the way it flows.

Kilauea Poetry said...

I just re-read this..and noticed I really hadn't said much in response..but this deserves it. It's like an aching..and you've echoed much of the way I feel too..Its hard to somehow capture, then condense these words and emotions. I find much of the stuff going on around me overwhelming- personally.. not to mention the changes happening within our own country or world! I can't imagine it being so different for believers in any other time though. Anyway, I really appreciate you and your visits. I know you'll always be by when you have a break- so thanks for stopping by and taking the time- My best, Regina-

Robin said...

I have been reading about st. Brendan and his voyage to the Promise land...your poem has similarities with His journey. Why do we wonder away our youth was thought I had yesterday. Thanks Yvette.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Your words have been such a strength for me for these years.


Michael Rosenberg said...

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